" Do not let others write the story of your life "
Hi, my name is Riccardo Fracassi, I was born in 1999 and I live in Pavia, a few kilometers from Milan. After my high school graduation exams I undertook the studies of “Biological Sciences” at the University of Pavia that I am still carrying out. Parallel to this path I have continued my passion for photography, initially self-taught, then integrating with specialized courses and workshops. I initially focused on the naturalistic field, I love to immortalize endless and uncontaminated landscapes.

In September 2017 was born riccardofracassi.com, the blog on which I decided to share all my travels, the unique experiences that I live in the places I visit and some curiosity about the customs of local cultures. Of course my shots will never be missing, they are the real protagonists of all my work, what really manages to express what I want to convey. Here you will find something unique for the unconventional vision that will be given to things, it will not be the classic blog that follows fashion and bends to trends, but rather one that can independently assess what really deserves attention compared to everything else.

For any information please contact me or write me at info.riccardofracassi@gmail.com
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